Our Famous French Fries             2.5

Golden fried potatoes served in a Dutch style cone

Fried Zucchini Sticks                   4.5

Battered and fried, served with a side of Ranch

Bacon Tots                                       5

Jalapeno Pepper and Hashed Brown wrapped in Bacon and smothered in melted

Cheddar-Jack Cheese

Bangers                                                  6

Homemade Irish sausage served with Honey Mustard

Bitterballs                                         6

Fried balls of beef ragout served with Spicy Mustard.

 A Dutch favorite

Chicken Fingers                                     6

Golden fried and served with Honey Mustard

Cheese & Salami Platter              6.5

Aged Gouda Cheese & Genoa Salami

Vegetable Eggrolls                     6.5

Served with sweet chilli sauce

Spot Wings                                            7

Breaded and Buffalo, served with Blue Cheese

Ahi Tuna Bites*                                         9

Raw Ahi Tuna with Sesame Seeds and ginger soy sauce

Combination Snack Platter                    15

Cheese & Salami, Bangers, Bitterballs